Sartorially starstruck

I have avidly followed Scott Schuman on his blog 'The Sartorialist' ever since I first discovered him in Wallpaper* magazine back in 2006. His notorious ability to capture strangers 'on the street' and convince them to pose with confidence and grace infront of his lens has led to the creation of many beautiful photographs which capture both the style and personality of each of their subjects.

Schuman has recently published his first book, and I was fortunate enough to attend his book signing at Liberty Department Store. Due to London Fashion Week and the hours I spent eagerly waiting for the shows, I was well prepared to join the stream of people winding their way through the menswear department of Liberty and (in a suitably British manner) quite happily managed to shuffle, roll my eyes and tut myself to the front.

When finally reaching the table where Schuman was patiently and cheerfully signing book upon book, I tried to be restrained and not gab too much about how amazing I think he is...and I'm sure the photographs below give a much better demonstration of his talent:

Schuman admits that he is proud his 'book celebrates style through a wide range of ages, income levels and nationalities' and I am as equally proud of my signed copy!

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