Big Top to Top Brand

It's always nice when doing work is fun. As an intern, this is a rare occurrence - although obviously I love sending almost identical emails to over 300 new designers....

Anyway, enough of my bitterness. Today I spent a large amount of time researching an Australian designer, little known in the UK, but pretty huge down under - Alannah Hill. Her collection is beautiful and inspired from her days of performing with a circus. (I'm very jealous of her CV; tightrope walker to fashion designer seems more like a series of hobbies rather than a career path!) On top of her skills as a designer,the photography of her collection is stunning and exhibited on her fabulously over-designed-but-really-quite-fun website. is an example of a website that has the 'staying power' that digital marketers are constantly striving to achieve. I spent a large percentage of my afternoon navigating around Hill's website, not because I had to, but because I actually wanted to (and could vaguely pass it off as 'research').
I had the same experience when on the Museum of Everything website, particularly liking the fact that when you click on the 'contact' link, an email appears with a pre-prepared opening line:
'Wow, this Museum of Everything sounds AMAZING! You guys are INCREDIBLE! I can't wait to come - here are my details...'

The only downside of these websites is that they can take a while to load, but a website that is a bit different and quirky is far more effective at communicating a brand message than a feeble 'mission statement' or 'about us' option (which I'm sure hardly anyone reads). As faster internet speeds become more widespread, I hope to see more brands putting their money into innovative digital homepages...mainly because it will make my duties far more interesting!

Collar For Your Colleague

It gets worse. The introduction of Puggy means that I have a whole new list of duties. Today I was sent on a mission to a 'collar couturier'. I kid you not, this is a shop where collars are lovingly handmade to the specific measurements and personality (!) of your mutt shaped nightmare.
It is worrying enough when an entire shop can exist on selling puppy fashion, but when it can afford to employ over 20 staff and premises on a prestigious London street, things seem to have got slightly out of hand. Is it cruel to point out that there are more important things to spend your money on than edible dog-treat Christmas cards and diamond encrusted litter trays? And there is nothing more terrifying than overhearing upper-class Sloanes yapping away in the same pitch as their pedigree chums.
Despite this, some of the collar designs are pretty cute...

Pugly Betty

It is official. The fashion office has peaked, and my somewhat disapproving view of this industry has been taken to a new level. Those of you who work in offices will probably be familiar with the term of Office Idiot, or Office Geek. You may even have an Office Mummy (the cuddly and smiley lady who always mops up the tears of those dismissed). Well, the world of fashion had to take it one dainty step further. One of our senior members has introduced an office dog. Not a retired guide dog who sits complacently in a corner and occasionally sniffs at a passing high heel, but a yappy, energetic pug who trots incessantly from desk to desk, jumping up onto delicate silk stockings, sending teetering piles of handbags flying and generally upsetting the quiet murmur of our stylish work.

Because the owner is highly regarded as a trendsetter and member of the fashion Top-Squad, no one can complain and I fear others may follow in her footsteps until our office looks more like a kennels than a headquarters of fashion and design. Is it unreasonable to develop a severe allergy to fur so that the dog has to be left outside? ...Who am I kidding, they'd much rather loose a lowly fashion intern than the Trend Manager's new 'dahhhling'.