Does intelligence match my Prada?

Fashion always comes with the tag of 'stupid'. Choose a career in it and you will forever carry with you the handbag of judgement; the 'I look at dresses for a living' label; the necklace of bimbo.

As a fashion student I gracefully accepted the comments and disappointed looks of my parents who would have preferred an academic genius for a daughter, and now that I have entered the industry, I see those around me struggling to shake the disapproval of their peers.

Although I have not been in fashion for long, I would like to challenge this assumption and suggest that those who succeed to the top of the fashion tree are some of the most intelligent and ambitious people around.

I was fortunate enough to sit in on a meeting where the senior members of my fashion office were discussing the latest catwalks. So yes, this was a four hour slot of, essentially, looking at dresses, and I am aware that I may be shooing my superiors further into their stereotype, but I was amazed at the eye for detail and memory of these women. (Our fashion boy was absent from this meeting - probably too busy being flirted at his stream of adoring fans...) An image of Christopher Bailey's beautiful Spring 2010 collection for Burberry popped up on screen and within seconds was likened to collections as far back as 2004 as someone remembered a similar coat designed by Chanel. Added to this incredible memory of countless catwalks over the seasons is the ability fashionistas have to predict which trends will stick and which ones will fade which is a demonstration of their understanding of humans. They know what women will choose to wear and what they will be too scared to try, and they also know what tempts them to buy - far more convincing psychology than flawed Freudian assumptions based on icebergs and Oedipus!

Chanel Spring 2004

Burberry Spring 2010

(Having read the above I think I notice a change in myself - my first scathing post noting with disgust my unpaid position in what I sarcastically named 'the worlds most stylish industry' seems a far cry from where I am now - defending the intelligence of the fashion elite....)

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  1. Loving your work Vee!!! If only we could get some publicity for these blogs. xxx