Irrelevant, but genius...and a model afterthought

On a Friday afternoon, when the week has dragged and there isn't even the hint of a pay check, some things can really help to cheer you up.

Like this guy, Eli Milchman, who has just described the below as:

Finally, Viagra for your iphone!

Anyway, back to fashion....
This will be quick as I'm supposed to be dressing a couple of models who, incidentally, really are as gorgeous in real life as they are in magazines. I don't understand why the media have to dumb down the beauty of these girls by claiming that airbrushing is the only way to make them look good. The girls I'm dressing today are jaw droppingly elegant. In all of their 6ft tall glory my allocated models tower above me, which makes arranging their headwear rather a struggle. I would attempt a run-up-and-jump to pin some jeweled broaches onto their berets, but if I misjudge it and crash into them I don't think their delicate frames would survive....

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