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Despite my position of scum at the bottom of the fashion hierarchy (is it obvious I'm bitter?!) I actually get to do some pretty cool jobs. Yesterday, for instance, I was asked (well, ordered is probably a better word) to do some research into new jewellery designers.

For some people this would be easy. They would already know a whole bunch of websites that profile the innovative and up-and-coming (Not Just a Label is one of my favourite and most recent discoveries), so whilst munching on carrot sticks and flicking their hair around, most fashionistas could quickly produce a comprehensive list of new designers to look at.
I struggled a bit. OK, so it took me all afternoon but, during my struggle I was lucky enough to come across Adrian Eric Morales.
On my blog, with only you to judge me, I can confess how much I love Adrian's designs. At work however, I was less keen to declare my lust for this jewellery, in case I was enthusing about items that everyone else thought were hideous. The quest for approval is rife within fashion, despite the prestige you receive if you successfully break the rules. If you break the rules and don't look cool, well, that's worse than thinking it's OK to bring cakes to the fashion office. (Oh, wait; I've already done that....)

So, before I announce my discovery to the girls in the office, can you give me a little confirmation - these are awesome, right?!

All images are by Adrian Eric Morales

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