Congratulations! You have a boy!

One of the first things I have noticed about the fashion industry is the distinct lack of men.

Or should I rephrase that; the distinct lack of straight men.

We are lucky, in our office we have (alongside 16 girls) one boy, and the occasional visit from the IT guy downstairs. This is a pretty good ratio if we compare it to various PR companies which are made up of 20+ female employees where the only male is the frequently absent CEO.

Our boy, let's call him Rob (suitably masculine and not too uncommon) is, of course, the most popular person in the office. The swoons, giggles and pencil droppings that erupt around him are ludicrous. It is pretty impressive to even find a pencil in this world of laptops and touch-screens, but somehow, whenever Rob crosses the office, writing implements go flying and are followed by flocks of girls rushing over to bend down and pick them up. If I was ladylike enough to successfully pull off a 'bend and snap' without tripping over the printer cable, it is quite likely I'd be up there with the rest of them, but surely this doesn't happen in offices with a more even gender ratio?

Whether this is just the case in fashion, when attention is the most sought after reward, or whether outnumbered men in various offices throughout the country also benefit from endless flirtatious glances and comments I have yet to discover. Once I have more experience of the working world I'm sure I can answer my own questions, but for now, your comments are welcome!

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