Collar For Your Colleague

It gets worse. The introduction of Puggy means that I have a whole new list of duties. Today I was sent on a mission to a 'collar couturier'. I kid you not, this is a shop where collars are lovingly handmade to the specific measurements and personality (!) of your mutt shaped nightmare.
It is worrying enough when an entire shop can exist on selling puppy fashion, but when it can afford to employ over 20 staff and premises on a prestigious London street, things seem to have got slightly out of hand. Is it cruel to point out that there are more important things to spend your money on than edible dog-treat Christmas cards and diamond encrusted litter trays? And there is nothing more terrifying than overhearing upper-class Sloanes yapping away in the same pitch as their pedigree chums.
Despite this, some of the collar designs are pretty cute...

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