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It's always nice when doing work is fun. As an intern, this is a rare occurrence - although obviously I love sending almost identical emails to over 300 new designers....

Anyway, enough of my bitterness. Today I spent a large amount of time researching an Australian designer, little known in the UK, but pretty huge down under - Alannah Hill. Her collection is beautiful and inspired from her days of performing with a circus. (I'm very jealous of her CV; tightrope walker to fashion designer seems more like a series of hobbies rather than a career path!) On top of her skills as a designer,the photography of her collection is stunning and exhibited on her fabulously over-designed-but-really-quite-fun website. is an example of a website that has the 'staying power' that digital marketers are constantly striving to achieve. I spent a large percentage of my afternoon navigating around Hill's website, not because I had to, but because I actually wanted to (and could vaguely pass it off as 'research').
I had the same experience when on the Museum of Everything website, particularly liking the fact that when you click on the 'contact' link, an email appears with a pre-prepared opening line:
'Wow, this Museum of Everything sounds AMAZING! You guys are INCREDIBLE! I can't wait to come - here are my details...'

The only downside of these websites is that they can take a while to load, but a website that is a bit different and quirky is far more effective at communicating a brand message than a feeble 'mission statement' or 'about us' option (which I'm sure hardly anyone reads). As faster internet speeds become more widespread, I hope to see more brands putting their money into innovative digital homepages...mainly because it will make my duties far more interesting!

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  1. i really love the first two pictures! they're great =)nice blog!